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Click the picture below to access the story being read during tonight's concert!

Cover with photo of Temple Grandé and text that says "Drag Queen Story Hour: The Stonewall Chorale and the Gay Rights Movement"

The Chorale would like to offer special thanks to several people:

jmac: instrumental arrangements and musical support

Terry Colliton: story design, printing, and logistical support

We would also like to thank our donors for their generous support of our mission.


Charles Abbott & John-Charles Kelly, Marianne Ardito, Susan Bargman, John Barrow, Alyson Ben-David, Jeanne Betancourt, Donald Bickford, Stephanie Blackwood, Tom Bogdan, Alva Bostick, the Brode family, Laurie Braun, Angela Bucknell, Frank Carson, Samphas Chhea, Ruth Cohen, Alan Cohn, Aaron Comins, Michael Conwill, Margaret Crull, John Cunningham, Stephen and Nola Deutsch, Marsh Drege, Diane Duckler, Betty Duggan, William Erlbaum, Ora Ezrachi, Fidelity Charitable, Louis Fifer, MacKenzie Fillow, John Fischer, Marshall Foster, Rima Grad, Joy Grant, Stephanie Griffin, Verene Grigoletto, Stephen Gross, Groundswell Charitable Foundation, Jean Hamerman, Louis Harrison, Hawkins Delafield & Wood LLP, Stephanie Heintzeler, Roger Hirsch, Elliot Hurwitz, Stuart Isacoff, Jean-Pierre Jacquet, Andrew Johnson, Ann Kaplan, John Kennedy, Pamela Knight, Beth Knobel, Aaron Koffman, Steven Kolb, Robin Krause, Becky Kurtz, Jennie LaCovey, Stephanie Lawal, Trent Lethco, Robert Lewis, Virginia Lowery, Tondra and Jeff Lynford, Cecelia Martin, Pamela McAllister, Marjorie McCoy, Larissa McDowell, Arthur McLean, Freya Mercer, Barbara Merjan, Deborah Mincer, Carolyn Mincer, James Mion, Debra Monk, Moody's Investors Service, Elizabeth Neill, Andrea Newman, William Nye, Manuel Ovando, Theresa Pascoe, Alan Pasternack, Laura Perry, Cynthia Powell, Geoffrey Proulx, Joyce Pyle, RBC Capital Markets, Lisa Reeves, Deb Reiner, Ellen Reiner, Michael Richardson & Ruthann Richardson, Scott Robertson, Verdery Roosevelt, Stephen Rutsky, Bruce Sandys, Serra Schlanger, Sara Sloan, Marie-Louise Stegall, George Stevens, Stifel Nicolaus, Marjorie Sussman, Steven Sussman, Ann Sweeney, Iris Trotman, Eva Tsocanos, Twitter, Susan Ullman, Valerie Wald, Lee Warshavsky, Joyce Weinstein, Eric Weis, Jeffrey Whiting, Brooke Wiese, Janet Zaleon, Marilyn Zaleon, Ruthie Zaleon

Alan Cohn sponsors The Stonewall Chorale

In memory of my little brother, Richard Froehlich, who I miss every day!

Alan Cohn sponsors The Stonewall Chorale  In memory of my little brother, Richard Froehlich, who I miss every day!
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